Electro-Acuscope Therapy

Here is how it works...

When injuries occur, the electrical charges that body cells produce are disrupted. When blood flow is affected around the injured area, pain signals are sent to the brain as the tissues around the area remains with low energy and unable to repair itself. The Acuscope stimulates these cells in order to accelerate the healing process. During this process, the electrical signals are corrected and cellular metabolism restored. Tissue regeneration begins rapidly as the cell membrane restores its level of charge to normal. The ion exchange restarts where the cell membrane can take in nutrients and excrete toxins once again.

The Acuscope uses micro-currents that do not puncture the skin and goes directly to the pain. It also stimulates the brain which promotes nerve activity throughout the spine and out to the ends of the connective tissues. The Acuscope creates an Alpha pattern like brainwave through the headbands used in trans-cranial micro-current therapy. This relaxes the patient which causes the nervous system signals relaxing brainwaves and enables the body to self-repair connective tissues.

Acuscope and Myopulse

The Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse are FDA approved medical instruments that applies low voltage micro-currents to reduce pain by stimulating the nervous system of the body. It is an electrotherapy unit that heals injured tissue by introducing a low voltage micro-current through it. It is very effective in tissue repair and promotes cell regeneration rapidly without causing any harm to the skin or organs.

Every cell in the human body has a measurable electrical charge. This results in the flow of energy between cells. This energy flow is essential for growth, metabolism and resistance against diseases.

When there is an injury or trauma, there is disruption in the production of ‘electricity’ in the body and there is a significant decrease in the flow of energy among the tissues that are damaged due to the wound or inflammation.

Electro-Acuscope produces and sends a mild electrical current through damaged tissues so that the injured area can get back to its normal level of electrical activity.

Why you should

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100% Absorption

The human body absorbs less than 10% of nutrients contained in supplements. With IV therapy, absorption is 100%

Scientifically Proven

IV infusions contain vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, all classified as ‘essential nutrients’ that are vital for the human body as our bodies cannot synthesize all on its own.

Fast & Effective

Intramuscular vitamin injections take few minutes while IV drips can take an average of 45 minutes. Clients may begin to feel effects immediately.

Natural & Safe

Administered by our highly qualified Registered Nurses. All protocols have been thoroughly researched and developed by leading medical specialists.

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